Writer's Block: First and only

Is there a film that you think is perfect in its original form and should never be remade?

Fight Club. Yes, it's based on a book, which I love. And, yes, the ending is different from the book. But the cast, the director and the dialog. It is a perfect movie. I can't think of anyway it could improved upon. If Fight Club were ever to be remade, short of doing it with puppets, it would be a disaster. Strange enough, I think some how, some way, puppets would make an interesting take on the movie. But that's just me. Wait, scratch that. No, not even puppets would save a remake. That was a stupid idea.

Look, pal, just stay away from Fight Club, okay?

still can't taste anything...

Yesterday, having a lack of the sense of taste was interesting if not amusing. Now? I am tired of everything tasting the same, that is, nothing. When you don't have a sense of taste, eating all becomes about texture. But when phlegm has the same texture as egg drop soup, which happens to be my favorite soup in the world, the experiment of blandness has long since become stale.

When people are asked, "What is the one sense you would never want to lose?" They usually go for either hearing or sight. But let me tell you, you don't realize how amazing the sense of taste is until it is gone.

I want it back.


LOST theory

It's all a game. Just one giant game.

A big clue? Frank and Miles were playing Gin in an episode about Jin when Frank says, "Play your cards." Both Jacob and Smokey are shuffling everyone around trying to get the best hand to win the game. Plus all the game metaphors and references this show has thrown at us. It all has to mean something.

Again, I could be wrong and it could all about keeping MIB on the Island but I am telling you now; it's a game.

comic strip time!

I created a comic strip called The Yanks Are Coming. The inspiration came from Hetalia and Scandinavia and the World. But rather doing countries I am doing all fifty states. Here is a sample of the first strip.

The rest of the details are with the full strip.

Go on, have look. And if you are from the US, please, I would love to hear from what state you are from and a little about your state. Being a navy brat, I know some states but not all fifty. I want to get the characters right. So, any help would be welcomed.


LOST airs in less than 24 hours!

The running theory I have going now after watching last week's episode where Hurley could see Jacob but no one else could him is that the same thing happened to Ben. Jacob was around Ben this whole time giving Ben instructions. Only no one could see Jacob except Ben.

But, again, I've been wrong before. SMOKEY!!!

Anyway, someone posted this on Fark and, frankly, this is one the best LOST parodies going. It's just so silly. So here it is, LOST - The Vocalize Remix Enjoy.

The original Vocalize video. If you can stomach to watch it again. I swear, you will get this song stuck in your head.