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17 November 2010 @ 02:43 pm
Writer's Block: Must see TV  
If you were a TV producer, what would be the premise of your first TV series, and who would star in it?

The show would be called "Copper." A crime-noir horror vampire show that's less in the vein of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries and more in the lines of FX programming like The Shield and Terriers. The plot would be as follows; When people start turning up dead in NYC with missing body parts, police start to wonder if they have a serial killer on their hands. However; for detective, Mor O'Donnell all signs point to something far more deadly. Someone is trying to put a vessel together to house something nasty. Perhaps a Demon. Perhaps something worse. Now the 500+ year old vampire must find a way to solve the mystery before it tears her beloved city apart.


(I have no idea who would be Mor O'Donnell. I would love to get an Irish Actress for the part.)
Adam Goldberg as Det. Andrew "Andy" Cohen
Sarah Shahi as Det. Tova "Tov" Cohen
Konstantin Khabensky as Crime boss Anton Leonov
Karina Logue as The Mage "Maddie"
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